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Although not directly a part of the primary production process, feeding and conveying textiles and other materials with the proper tension to the next primary process greatly benefits product quality and accuracy. ASCO has a wide range of feeders and conveyors that can be integrated in assembly lines or combined with production equipment and are compatible to virtually all (third-party) cutting tables or CNC controlled cutters.

What the Feeders of asco offer

The range of ASCO feeding solutions ranges from a basic unwinding solution to a fully advanced heavy duty feeder. Our feeders can be used as a stand alone solution, but can also be integrated in your current cutting solution from for example Zünd, Eurolaser, Pathfinder and many others.

The portfolio of ASCO’s feeders:

ranges from basic to advanced feeding solutions.
can be fully integrated with cutting solutions from Zünd, Eurolaser, Pathfinder and many others.
can hold up to 2500 kg rolls of fabrics and/or plastic.
can be equipped with several options to increase efficiency; such as a tension free supply, edge control for straight feeding, pneumatic axes for perfect fixation of the roll, etc.
Contact us for customizable options that provide for your production needs.


Designed for unwinding rolls and winding up after production is finished.


For feeding rolls to production machines (such as cutting tables).


For feeding rolls to production machines (such as cutting tables) with full integration possibilities and additional options.