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ASCO’s fully automatic impulse welding machines can automatically fold and perfectly weld fabrics in one process. Pocket sizes are easily adjustable. The machines can be equipped to (automatically) join fabrics, weld tunnels, splines or reinforcement tape. The welding machines have an open design, allowing you to slide a product through, which makes it possible to weld any length.

The large welding area of the impulse welding machines can also be used to weld multiple products in one step for efficiency. Similarly, the IL430, IL600, IL730 and IL850 are ideal machines for welding large awnings, or to fold and weld pockets on big screens and billboards. The wider welding width of up to 24mm in these machines ensures the products can resist heavier loads. Finally, these machines allow the operator to join panels fully automatically, which is tremendous time saving solution compared to a manual operation.

Pocket Folding

Panel Joining

Zipper welding

Spline welding

Invisible welding

What the impulse welders of ASCO offer

The Impulse Welding technique offers a safe and high quality weld on fabrics and some plastics. If you are in need for a small seal option for finishing your proudct, our hand and table top welders are there for you.

When producing complete shades, our ILB and IL welding machines are ready to be of assistance in your production. The ILB’s have a basic functionality (manually adjusted), where as the IL welders are automated and can be equipped with more options – just to suit your production needs.

With our medium and large sized IL welding machines, you can:

Weld up to 850 cm in one cycle.
Choose a welding width ranging from 6 to 24 mm.
Easily operate the machine with the Touch screen and intuitive software.
Do all operations done from the front of the machine.
Contact us for customizable options that provide for your production needs.


Hand held tools for repairs in the field & small table top welding machines.


Basic folding & welding machines with the primary functionalities such as joining, folding and attachement of splines & zippers.


Complete folding & welding machines with automatic processes & many customizable options.