ILB430 Basic Welding Machine

The ILB430 is a hem pocket folding and impulse welding machine with a net welding length of 430 cm (14’). The average cycle time for pocket folding, welding and cooling is approximately 25 seconds. After starting, the folding and welding cycle is automatic. The integrated touchscreen provides easy access to welding parameters and functionalities. The ILB430 can be equipped for joining fabrics, welding zippers and / or splines manually.



The budget friendly ILB430 folding & welding machine is designed for low to medium volume production. It is mostly manually operated, except the welding process itself is fully automated. The ILB430 is standard equipped with:
  • System for joining 2 panels. Including aluminum profile integrated in the table top, 6 alignment tools to position the fabrics and 8 weights.
  • Touch screen operation panel (8”) with database for the different fabrics and diagnostic function.
  • Welding temperature control for accurate temperature setting and longer welding on a fix temperature.
  • 4 wheels (dia. 125 mm / 5”), 2 wheels with a brake.