DX Cutting Table

The DX, CNC controlled ultrasonic cutting table, uses two independent cutting axis for cutting rectangular shapes such as panel blinds, roller blinds and screens. Each cutting axis is equipped with a dual cutting system and a double-sided clamping system to hold the fabric during cutting. The cutting system can hold two cutting systems simultaneously. It is possible to select ultrasonic cutters (with different cutting angles), round razor knife, or crush knife. Cutting is done on a hardened glass sheet of maximum 3.2m x 6m size.

The DX cutting table can be supplied with a fully automatic roll storage system that has a loading and winding off system, and uses optimization software. This software allows the machine to combine multiple jobs by using nesting functions to optimize fabric usage. The software is customized to the customers’ production requirements, after which the system can automatically produce a complete job queue (this could be a full day production).

Optionally available with unwinding cradle with inspection area including back lighting and a pointer system to determine defects in X and Y direction. A special software package enables the operator to re-optimize the cut plan while taking the defects in account. All the operator has to do is to remove the cut panels. The software also has remnant usage functions, minimizing scrap even further.

  • Cutting dimensions maximum 500×650 cm
  • Stable steel frame with hard-wearing table top, and air cushion system to support and move the glass sheet
  • Two cutting axis with accurate guides en double clamping system
  • Universal tool supports (two per cutting axis) for ultrasonic cutters (different cutting angles possible), pizza knife, or crush knife
  • Database with fabric data to select cutting tools, cutting speeds, offset values, etc…
  • PC software for calculating blind and panel sizes, fabric usage optimization (nesting and remnant storage), and graphical user interface with touch-screen
  • Order entry with barcode or via LAN and/or database system
  • Optional automatic winding off and fabric pulling system for automatic loading and changing rolls with a fabric roll storage system
  • Optional fully automatic roll storage system (up to 800 rolls)
  • Machine dimensions depend on cutting dimensions and options
  • Power supply 208/230/400V, 50/60Hz, 6 bar air supply
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