Clicker Press

This electric clicker press is frequently used to cut turret shapes in roller blinds, but can basically cut any shape in most fabrics, and can therefore also be used for cutting holes in drapes, or turret shapes for flags, etc. The material is moved under the die and cut out quickly and accurately. Changing of shapes is very simple. For cutting scallops, a roller die cutting system is also available.

  • Push-button operation
  • Quick change system for easy changing of cutting shape
  • Maximum fabric width 350 cm (other sizes on request)
  • Movable table for fabric with adjustable end stop
  • Up to 4 different pitch distances to customer’s specification
  • Easy-release stop system for fast and accurate positioning of every cut
  • Machine dimensions (L x W x H): panel width+70 x 70 x 150 cm
  • Power supply 208/230/400V, 50/60Hz, 1kW. 6 bar air supply
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