Robot Storage System

The robot storage system utilized a servo driven gantry robot for fully automatic roll handling. Each roll is stored on a shaft, which is placed in a rack. Multiple racks are positioned in a row, and the robot can transport the rolls from any rack location to either the process location near the cutting table, to the loading or unloading area of the storage, or to a different storage location. This storage facility provides a fast, flexible, and space efficient storage solution when many roll changes are required and changing times between rolls need to be short.

These robot storage systems are always built to customer requirements. Several options are available, such as an additional roll-lifting system to supply rolls to a different floor than where the storage is located, or even a shuttle system to bring rolls from an adjacent storage.

  • Storage of rolls on shafts with gear for automatic feeding and rewinding
  • Number of rolls according to customer’s specifications, ranging from 8 up to 1000 rolls
  • Automatic loading system to load rolls directly on the cutting table
  • Different diameters possible, with automatic diameter detection to select the appropriate storage location
  • Stock control software including registration of roll length, roll width, batch number, location, etc.
  • Fast roll changes due to preparation of the next roll while the previous one is being processed on the cutting table
  • Operator-friendly preparation table at loading area
  • Optional shuttle system
  • Optional lifting system to the roll from the storage to another floor
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