IL10 Dual Hem Pocket Welder

The IL10 welding machine is designed for closing hem pockets. Equipped with two independent welding stations and a 2m working table on both sides, the IL10 allows products to be placed on the working table and close one side of the pocket. After sliding the product to the other side the operator can insert an optional weight bar in the pocketand the second side of the pocket can be closed. This way the operator can process any product width without the need for extra space to rotate the product.

  • Two independent welding stations with side stops
  • Welding length for each station max 100 mm
  • Welding width 4 to 8 mm
  • Working table of 200 cm on both sides (longer extension on request)
  • Programmable welding and cooling time
  • Power supply 208/230V, 50/60Hz, 4kW. 6 bar air supply
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