IL110 Universal Welding Machine

The universal welding machine IL110 has a welding length of 110 cm and offers great flexibility at a very favorable price level. The machine is designed for all welding operations: reinforcement tapes, hem pockets, joining fabrics, splines and zippers. Because of the extra space behind the welding bars it is very suitable to join several panels. The IL110 welding machine is delivered complete with a fabric tray which continues into the flat working table on both sides.

For the Sign industry, a special model ILX110 is available. The ILX110 has the same functionality as the IL110 but has a welding width up to 24 mm and is equipped with touch-screen control.

For welding silicone coated fabrics and ETFE, a special machine model SIL110 is available. The SIL110 is additionally equipped with a welding width up to 24 mm, touch-screen and temperature control, a quick-change system for the Teflon tape and a high pressure welding bar.

IL110 ILX110 SIL110
Welding width 6 – 14 mm 6 – 24 mm 6 – 24 mm
Touch screen Optional Standard Standard
Temperature control Optional Optional Yes
Welding pressure Normal Normal High
  • Welding length 110 cm
  • Welding width 6 to 24 mm
  • Working table of 200 cm on both sides
  • Operating panel or touch screen control with programmable welding and cooling time
  • optional tools for joining, tunnels, splines, and zippers
  • Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 560 x 75 x 140 cm
  • supply 208/230V, 50/60Hz, 10kW. 6 bar air supply
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