IL350 Welding Machine

The IL350 is an automatic hem pocket folding and impulse welding machine with a net welding length of 350 cm (11’). The average cycle time for pocket folding, welding and cooling is approximately 25 seconds. After starting, the folding and welding cycle is automatic.

Welding length 350 cm
Welding width 4 – 14 mm
Dimensions LxWxH 420 x 85 x 140 cm
Power consumption 10 kW
  • Programmable welding and cooling time
  • Adjustable pocket size, also available as programmable option
  • Optional temperature control
  • Optional switch to turn off the top welding bar to make so-called “invisible welds” (i.e. prevents shiny surface on welding area)
  • Optional touch screen operation with welding time, cooling time and temperature database for fabrics. The touch screen also controls other options such as zipper welding
  • Optional tools for joining fabrics (also available as automatic option), welding tunnels, reinforcement tapes, splines, and zippers
  • Optional LED lighting along the welding length of the machine for better visual inspection
  • Power supply 208/230/400V, 50/60Hz. 6 bar air supply
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