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Please fill out below questionnaire for your enquiry for one of our Folding & Welding machines. With this questionnaire, we are able to determine the best configuration for your production needs and we will offer accordingly.

Please select the total welding length for one cycle.
Please select the width of the welding seam.
* Pocket folding: fold a bottom pocket between 30 to 70 mm for holding a bottom bar.
* Joining: join two or more sheets of fabrics, without or without a tunnel.
* Zipper: weld a zipper to the edge of the fabric.
* Spline: weld a spline to the side of the fabric.

Invisible welding: reduce the shine of the weld on one side of the end product.
Table extensions: extend the working area with 1,0 meter on each side for handling larger roll. The welding length of the machine will remain the same.
Please share your additional remarks with us that might be helpful to determine the best machine configuration for your needs.
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